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Geneva, Switzerland. Banff, Alberta. Wapienica Zapora. Parque La Mexicana. Fort De Socoa. Grassi Lake Trail. Swup The Park - Campo Felice. Dead sea, Jordan. Thermes Kallithea. Lago Dei Sette Colori. Kahaduwa, Sri Lanka. Gwin Zegal. Lyme Park. Mexico City, Mexico.

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Bologna, Italy. Expo del Pistacchio di Bronte. Rome, Italy. Despite this or perhaps because of it , it managed to win Nintendo's poll for what the final ability in Kirby Battle Royale should be, and was given a full moveset for the first time ever. Said moveset includes a large and hard-to-avoid Snot Bubble projectile, a grapple move that makes opponents fall asleep, and an automatic Healing Factor that can be used infinitely. Keep in mind the only other way to heal in this game is via an item that can only be used once per game. Ponygon in Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles. He has no spells and thus no ultimate spell due to his lack of a partner, which leaves him with only punching with his hooves.

However, if you get your opponent up against a wall, he has an infinite that can't be teched out of, both with a conventional tech or a spell counter tech. Attempting either of these will just have him hit you again before you're able to do anything. This also works regardless of body size, so both big and small characters alike are unable to escape once they're hit. Worse yet, his hitbox is BELOW the neutral position viewline, meaning opponents need to deliberately aim downwards to make their shots count, adding to the inaccuracy. With attribs on, his speed combines with the already almost gamebreaking hitbox, making him literally impossible to damage with non-hitscan weapons if played right.

Monkey is only a Joke Character at the select screen. As soon as you face him you realize he's a Game-Breaker. There is even a stat that which keeps track of how many times you've played as him and he's overall seen as a cheat character. Modes like Monkey Assistant is a nightmare: The last player gets a team of monkies wielding rocket launchers after them. One should also not forget Robofish, who is probably an even more Lethal Joke Character.

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First he is really hard to unlock in all the games. Secondly he is a robot with a fish bowl for its head. After that he's equally fast and short as monkey, but since his body is as thin as it gets, he has a smaller hitbox. Even the head is hard to hit. The Shoal is also worth fitting up here. He's a floating whale with a top hat. The reason he's good is that when you realize he lacks legs he's harder to hit.

He's got a fairly large torso, but the head is not part of the whale, but a fish on top. It's pretty small and unassuming and not very different from all the other fishes floating around him, thus it's very rarely anybody ever does a headshot on him. Careful aim and good use of his one-hit-kill neck breaker special move can allow you to take out packs of enemies while gaining far more ammo from drops than you used, while the TMP's fast rate of fire allows you to lock down larger groups and even some minibosses.

Not to mention you also spawn with 3 frag grenades. The only problem is if you run out of ammo, you don't have a backup weapon and can't even break open containers to look for more. Mechless D. Va from Overwatch can be killed easily, since she is only armed with her Light Gun pistol, lost all of her abilities except to wait so she can summon a new mech , and having the lowest health tied with Tracer out of all characters in-game.

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However, her pistol packs quite a punch, has no damage fall-off, pretty accurate even in mid-range, capable of headshots, and D. Va herself is very agile. If you play her right, one can make a seemingly easy to kill target into a force to be reckoned with, capable of winning 1 vs 1 encounters with other Tank characters in the game. Hack and Slash.

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At first glance, especially compared to massive pike-wielding badasses, this seems exceptionally lame. In a game where it's quite common to be surrounded by Mooks , this is invaluable. The Qiao sisters and their twin fans are rather weak, in damage dealing terms.

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Still, if they're played correctly, they can defeat dificult enemies in levels where the rest of characters would have to run for their lives. Further mention goes to Xiao Qiao, whose ultimate weapon in DW3 had the instant death element imbued onto her final charge attack string. Also, in the online version, Zuo Ci's weapon seems to be the weakest out of all of them, inversely having one of the WORST stat averages of the game, the average high of the weapon is actually poor quality if compared to other weapons, and having a mostly gimmicky moveset.

Unless you get the right combination of first and 6th charge attack. If done right, you can have a perfect assist weapon, second only to none. You could have the ability to naturally stun, freeze, or burn any opponent without using items, and if you do then you can stack up the advantage by using a combination of elements depending on your luck with the weapon attacks. Being able to inflict status effects stacks well with the activation skill, you get a debuff and slowly lose health, one of the weapon's higher stats, and give a bonus in attack and defense to all friends, as well as heal them.

You don't play this weapon for it's stats. It also helps that C2 can effectively stunlock an AI enemy. Possibly while said enemy is on fire. With the recent buff to the deck, it's gotten even more lethal. Instead of shooting three energy shots, the deck now shoots fire, just like Zuo Ci's. Combined with the deck's musou attack, you've easily got a slightly less powerful true musou.

Talking about online, a less straight out joke weapon is the Feather fan, not to be confused with the strategist's fan of the same game that is also a feather fan but uses black feathers, because you can ask anybody online about Zhuge Liang, the character that this weapon moveset is based off of, and they will tell you it sucks. However, those who do know how to use it are in for a treat.

It has very high defense, life, and attack upgrades, comparable the weapon based off The Dragon from the original ''DW'' games, and a deadly Musou attack is hard to aim, being a spamming of beams forward, but if you manage to connect you get a very effective stunlock that is impossible to get out of once hit unless the attacker stop or misses. Along with that it has only one really good normal attack, a moving wall attack, and it makes it confusing if somebody starts using other parts of the combo, you aren't likely to see the Charge 4 in combat, making it confusing when it's suddenly used to knock you and anybody near you away after you trap a user.

The Tonfas are viewed as pathetic weapons due to their range, strange stat locations, and somewhat less than stellar emblems. Its charge 5, however, can naturally set things on fire, a very valuable attack to have. Ironically, it also has a large range and is very easy to hit someone from behind, effectively making guarding useless.

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Combined with a lightning orb, and you'll have an essentially undodgable attack. Gracia from Samurai Warriors 2 is pathetically weak if played like a traditional character She can boost her stats at will, restore health, and blast with obscenely powerful attacks, all at the cost of a bit of Musou Meter — and she quickly gets skills that cause it to constantly regenerate or accelerate its normal regeneration.

She's ridiculously effective on a horse, also. While her normal attacks are essentially her flailing her tiny fists at people little damage, no range , her mounted attack is lobbing fireballs of doom. Hyrule Warriors has Tingle, whose regular attacks are rather awkward, smacking enemies with maps and sacks of rupees and inflicting Amusing Injuries on himself with most of his moves.

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At least until you discover his C5, which throws him up in the air where few if any attacks can hit him and scatters bombs which PULL enemies under himself before detonating his balloon for massive damage. While it has a rather punishing delay, it is completely negated if it depleted an enemy's Weak Point Gauge, letting him chain the attack into a Weak Point Smash.

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Even multiple Captains or Generals stand no chance once he gets to wind up such an attack. Ravio from the A Link Between Worlds DLC has it even worse on the surface: his hammer is slow, makes him move erratically during his basic combo and most of his Strong Attack combos hit small areas in awkward spots making facing Generals with him a challenge Yoshiaki fights exactly like how a Dirty Coward would fight: very very dirty with a helping of unpredictability.

Sorin is actually a Lightning Bruiser who is quite capable in dealing with crowds and can eventually unlock a Super Mode that turns his weapon platform into a Mini-Mecha equipped with flamethrowers and eye lasers. Hideaki is also a capable crowd-clearer and capable of being quite annoying if used right. Diablo II s expansion Lord of Destruction features the Assassin which has a skill called Blade Fury which is weak in comparism to other traps the Assassin can set and receives barely a better base damage to mana cost ratio if you spend more skill points into it.

Neve (Snow) La Salle Aosta

This becomes even more impressive when you realize that it also causes the traits of your weapons like elemental damage as well as the traits you add to it by other means like armor or skills. So if your weapon possesses Mana Steal you have a ranged attack that refills your mana as long as it hits, if your weapon possesses Knockback it will push enemies away from you and if your weapon possesses the ability to randomly cast spells it will cast that spell with a similar ratio where it hits and it costs almost no mana at all.

The downsides of it are that you can't move while you use it you can't move while you cast most spells anyway , it only hits single enemies as long as it doesn't cast other spells and enemies are still able to avoid or block it though as evasions and blocks are often tied to an animation they might be hit by the next blade as soon as they recover from defending. This is an example of a literal death of a thousand cuts for bosses outside of the screen caused by a spam attack. While silly, an end game build exists for high-speed clears of rifts using this as a centerpiece.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam has its fair share of units that are, well, underwhelming—most of these are the Mecha Mook Mobile of their respective factions and series. Most of them won't set the world on fire, but occasionally some will surprise players with their powers. However, it spontaneously pulls out a gigantic beam cannon for its Limit Break , which can be upgraded to become just as powerful as any Class 1 suit with a similar attack.

The first Mobile Suit Gundam gives us the Gouf, a slow, somewhat plodding fighter with a short sword and a weak machine gun The Acguy from the same series is a goofy, fan-favorite mobile suit that is weak, but combines a surprisingly fast speed with a charge attack that sends it rolling across the ground and bowling over entire squads of enemy suits; it may not kill them quickly, but enemies will be hard pressed to keep up with the little bowling ball.

A rather silly-looking Acguy variant designed to resemble a teddy bear, Beargguy isn't any better than the Acguy it's made from at first glance thanks to low stats and weak physical attacks. That is, until it starts using its special attacks, at which point it reveals itself to be a Macross Missile Massacre -spewing, Beam Spamming monstrosity. It retains the Acguy's rolling charge attack, but now it fires waves of homing missiles with every tumble.