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Shes a special talent who you dont know what to expect from, but do know you will be in for a treat. We learn how she was idolised by her father, who worshipped her, while virtually ignoring his wife and sons. How she grew up to see herself as special and expected to be given everything that she wants — and, if this is not forthcoming, she will take it for herself, regardless of the consequences.

Delia is selfish, cruel, self centred and lacking empathy. In those terms, she is an extremely unsympathetic character. However, as the novel progresses and events unfold, you do have some grudging respect for her, as she constantly reinvents herself. The finale of the book is extremely shocking as we learn who the corpse lying on her floor is. The centrepiece of this novel is, undoubtedly, the character of Delia. Malevolent, selfish, cruel, beautiful and deeply flawed.

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Nugent has created an excellent central character, who is unusual for being female and, in a way, both the victim and the villain of the story. This is a really well written, compelling psychological thriller, which is full of surprises. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, for review. Aug 03, Dita rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

Now this is a 5 star book! Holy crap I'm reeling. This chick is just a walking, talking curse on the world and everyone she encounters. Best book I have read in some time! I love a bookish baddie. You know the kind. Self-centered, narcissistic, just hateful in general. Well, yet again, Liz Nugent has created a truly terrible fictional human being in Cordelia Russell.


Right from the beginning of Skin Deep I found myself disliking her as a character. And there is definitely a but. No excuse, I know, but it is a very insightful and eye-opening character development that I love a bookish baddie. No excuse, I know, but it is a very insightful and eye-opening character development that left me wondering how many more layers Liz Nugent could possibly add to her character.

Skin Deep is a masterful exploration of character and circumstance. It is graphic, raw and unashamedly honest in its portrayal of the lengths to which someone will go to get what they need from others. Selfishness and greed are front and centre in this book, and as we learn more about Cordelia, it is difficult to not have some very real and often angry feelings towards her. I had been eagerly awaiting this book, and it was most definitely worth the wait.

A savage look at the depravity of the human condition, the lengths to which people will go for their own gain, it is a triumph. Highly recommended! Jul 12, Julie Parks rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller , general-fiction. This book left me mentally crippled. I mean I literally drank for three days straight and came down with flu right after.

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It's grand. It's brilliant.

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Our main villain, Delia or Cordelia, depends on who you ask is a real masterpiece. First, it kind of matters whether you've read Unraveling Oliver before this or not. Because it's hard not to see this as a female spin-off of the same pain. I was actually mad at Nugent for a while. It's one thing to rewrite old books This book left me mentally crippled.

It's one thing to rewrite old books by other authors, a completely different thing to just keep justifying the world's worst people are unluckily orphaned children grown badass. Also, dear Liz you are making us pity your home country a lot! Second, this book is a strange mix of chapters. The main narration is Delia but then you get these single chapters by the supporting characters that aren't developed at all.

You want more but instead, you go back to Delia and the action continues. And the action just down the hill from the first to the last chapter. While reading Unraveling Oliver I had these pangs of sorrow, or sympathy, or empathy even, or injustice. Well, Delia is just pure devilish. It's not the same thing. There's no grace or glory in this story. I asked myself again and again after finishing this if these kind of books are necessary at all.

Sure, we have American Psycho - though maybe one is enough. But even that is a sort of Rhapsody to fallen virtue that is white male power. In the same way, we would have to add this up to the value that is visual innocence, especially in young women. And I'm not sure I agree with that. Certainly not to the point where I would like to glorify it in literature. To me Delia was just a growing malice. To claim that she - we - had reasons not to spot it early, or to justify one "mistake" after another is a bit easy.

I'm not saying this book needs the Hollywood style happily ever after, but most people in her world simply let her go Or literature? Loved the ending. And Irish! Now Liz, how about a non-orphan story now?! I really don't know how to review this book.

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I have read this book with a wide eyed fascination, in complete disbelief, at the way the main character was and the actions taken by her in her life, all selfish ones. There was no empathy, no tenderness, she almost seemed empty. A sociopath of sorts. Finding no one, she returns home, back to the decomposing body she is shocked that a body can decompose so quickly and then the back story starts. A story into her past starting from her childhood where her father brainwashed her into believing that she was the Queen of the island which she believed throughout the book.

I have read Liz Nugent's books, they were all psychological thriller, this probably is too but a different kind. A look into the mind of a sociopathic woman who had no feelings for anyone, including her son other than herself.


This is how the main character Cordelia described herself. I knew this wasn't normal. I knew that I wasn't normal. I have never needed people, just the comforts they could offer me. Her mantra throughout the book was —Daddy was right all along, I am better than all of them. I have never come across a more self-obsessed main character than this, ever in so many years of reading. I couldn't put down the book as I wanted to know about the identity of corpse and the reason she killed.

Besides, Cordelia went deeper and deeper into the abyss as the story went that I couldn't stop reading, just to know how much, how far, and where and how will it all end.

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Jun 08, Lou rated it really liked it. Ah, what to say about Liz Nugents new novel? Well, "Skin Deep" is a memorable read. Nugent has created a character that you love to hate in Cordelia. That said, I actually felt sympathy for her at certain points though it evaporated rather quickly each time. Nugent has developed a complex personality which isn't exactly a breeze. I know some people stopped reading as they could not connect with her, if you prefer a likable cast this may not be for you.

I was drawn in from the first pages and did Ah, what to say about Liz Nugents new novel? I was drawn in from the first pages and didn't stop until I had reached the finale. A very unsettling novel that is unique in terms of the premise and plot. I haven't read a book as chilling as this in a while. I was not required to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Mar 07, Heidi rated it it was ok Shelves: arc-netgalley , read-in It was all very, very intriguing, and I soon felt myself getting sucked into the story. Who can resist a mysterious character embroiled in a violent death at the start of a mystery? Well, lovers of crime fiction will surely know what I mean! Every life she touches, however briefly, will be irrevocably altered — unfortunately never for the better! Liz Nugent certainly knows how to create a sociopathic character that burns through the pages like a fireball of destruction an apt comparison, which you will find out if you read the book.

I initially found myself intrigued, then disturbed, and at one point in the book so disgusted by her actions that any empathy I may have felt for this character vanished in a puff of smoke. There was a definite turning point in the story for me, from a kind of morbid fascination to one of outright horror. To say that it disturbed and depressed me is an understatement — some of its images haunted me in my worst nightmares.