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Great story I love Dix, she one tough cookie. This story was full of surprises. I only have one objection, I hate seeing a good author waste dialogue using the "f" word.

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It is totally unnecessary. Always in trouble, always having fun. A fun story that makes you want to read another. Entertaining mystery Dix Dodd is an engaging heroine, and the cast of helpers is equally likeable and relatable. An entertaining read with a few laughs along the way. Feb 27, Anil Swarup rated it liked it.

A fast paced murder mystery. There is suspense as well. Worth a read. Good read!!

Sep 01, Kathy rated it really liked it. Pretty good. My guess for who-dun-it was wrong, so good story.

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It was light-hearted, comical, and interesting. Although, there were parts that seemed to go on and on. Fun to read The case of the flashing fashion queen has many twists and turns and humour. It is an easy book to read. Jan 29, Missy rated it liked it. Quick, fun easy read with good plot twist. Nov 27, Chris Blackton rated it really liked it.

Greatly enjoyed this book till the last chapter with the trite ending of gathering all of the suspects at the scene of the crime to unveil the murderer. It kept me guessing to the last page. This is the first book by thus author that I have read, but it won't be the last! It was fast paced with well thought out characters and plenty of twists and turns!

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Excellent Who Done It! Great story line and twist at the end. You do need an editor who can catch everything and perfect it - try LifeRegeneration Editing to skip the middle man. I thoroughly enjoyed your characters and character progression. Had a few laughs and was surprised by who done it! Fun book I enjoyed this book because it was purely entertaining.

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I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series! Dix Dodd is not new to being a PI. When she struck out on her own, they warned that she would be back with her tail between her legs. Like that was going to happen! Dylan Foreman, her able bodied in more ways than one and much younger assistant is a former lawyer who had been disbarred for doing what appeared to be the right thing. Weatherby claims her husband Ned, a prominent and wealthy businessman, is having an affair.

When the case takes a turn for the worse, Detective Richard Head is chomping at the bit with a longstanding vendetta against Dix. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. As the final scene when the villain would be revealed was taking shape, the Perry Mason series of long ago was brought to mind. Forty-year-old Dix Dodd is anxious to prove that she can make it as a successfully self-employed private investigator.

But things take a dramatic turn when the client, Jennifer Weatherby, is murdered and the homicide detective has personal reasons for wanting Dix in prison. Despite her fears, Dix charges ahead through tricky situations, except when it comes to a potential romance.

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Dix and Dylan are delightful characters. Dylan is the voice of reason while Dix is the take-no-prisoners warrior, determined to see that justice is served and the bills get paid, eventually. Suspects are too forthcoming with confessions and revelations are a bit of a stretch. Still, this book is one of the those reads where you should sit back with a cocktail in hand and enjoy the ride anyway.

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Light, fun mysteries are exactly what readers need from time to time. But when he t Tired of getting no respect at the big P. The killer is the man who came in dressed as a woman; a friend of the Weatherbys. Dix Dodd is a PI, out on her own after spending too many years working for "the boys. Before long, though, that woman is murdered and Dix finds herself framed for the crime. Not only is she being framed, but the detective on the case is none other than Detective Head - a man who she's busted for cheating on his wife before, and who has a huge grudge against her. The story is humorous and Dix Dodd is a PI, out on her own after spending too many years working for "the boys.

The story is humorous and I found myself laughing out loud at times. I love the way she was framed, but I was not too impressed by the way she solved the mystery at the end. That single "answer" she was looking for seemed a bit weak to me. Things didn't seem to fall together perfectly in my mind. It almost seemed as though the writer had an idea in her head but didn't completely convey it on paper. I also would have loved to see the underlying romance bud a bit more by the end, but who knows - maybe there's another story for that. The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen was a good read, especially for someone who isn't really a huge mystery fan - like me.

If you're a hard-core mystery buff, though, this one may seem a bit juvenile. The good old boys at her former firm have an office pool as to how long before she comes crawling back.

Dix was easy to relate to for me, and I could see myself in many of the situations she found herself in. The supporting characters are interesting, particularly the hot 28 year-old-former lawyer who got disbarred for doing the right thing. This was a fun, light mystery; I even laughed out loud a couple of times.

Looks like there are at least three additional Dix Dodd books available at the moment.

Fun Read! I enjoyed this book very much and I am sure that I'm going to read more in this series. This series has provided me with another choice of a lighten up read to unwind with after a serious book by such as Rick Mofina or Don Easton. This story introduces a caste of wacky but likeable and fairly well developed characters lead by Dix and Dylan but by far the most outstanding, and wacky, character is Mrs. Your email:. Robert Dix I found on Findagrave.

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