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In Play Scotland surveyed a wide range of staff to find out about their experience of facilitating free play and outdoor play. Getting it Right for Play Toolkit: A toolkit to assess and improve local play opportunities Getting it Right for Play Toolkit: A toolkit to assess and improve local play opportunities — downloadable pdf All the Indicators and Tools are relevant to Local Authorities.

More information below on the surveys and tools within the document, The Playing Out Survey The Playing Out Survey seeks the views and experiences of children and young people. The toolkit provides two tools to assess the quality of spaces for play.

Getting IT right.

Getting it Right for Play: The Power of Play: an evidence base This document provides a comprehensive literature review of the benefits of Play to children and the wider community, and acts as a supporting document to the GIRFP Toolkit. Related Pages Contact us. Latest News Weatherwatch: why children need more time outdoors June 7, Full article. Become a member. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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Having less money that the other parent might sometimes make you feel that you have less to offer. Why was Naz asking Mia if she was able to see her grandmother? Naz might be trying to encourage Mia to see her grandparents.

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When parents separate, it is important for children to keep relationships with other family members. Naz might be unsettled by Sabina's new partner, James. He could be looking for Mia to reassure him that she doesn't like James. Now listen to how each member of Mia's family feel when things are done differently. The skills from the STOP section helped you prepare for difficult conversations. Here are ways in which Emily and Jordan have been put in the middle: Judge. Reward and punishment. Spending time with either parent should never be treated as a reward or punishment.

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Skills When you need to talk something out, it can be helpful to keep things simple, focus on the most important point, and try to be polite. Speaking for yourself Does talking to your ex make you angry?

This involves stating what you feel and what you need. Being clear and sticking to the rules Do your discussions tend to move from a question about why your child hasn't done their homework to a shouting match about who is to blame for everything that's ever gone wrong? Now watch the next clip and see how sticking to the rules and being clear helps these parents have a better conversation.

Why does she complain about Will to her children? By putting Will down, Claudia might hope that the children will reassure her that they appreciate the job she's doing as a parent. Claudia might be frustrated because the routines she relies on are not followed when the children are with their dad. Now listen to how each member of the family felt when things are done differently. Look at the ways in which Josh was put in the middle and think how he might be feeling.

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Skills Negotiate Think about a situation in the past when negotiation was difficult and how you might do it better next time. Make a plan about what you might do next time you have to negotiate and update your goals to help you remember and check your progress.


Getting IT Right

Now listen to how each member of Josh's family felt in this situation. Why does Carol insist that Dan should bring Josh home to see the fireworks at 4pm, instead of the usual 6pm? Produced by the American College of Physicians in collaboration with the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine , these cases serve to encourage thinking around diagnostic decision-making, how problems may occur in that process, and how diagnostic errors may affect both our patients and us in our daily practice of medicine.

Note that in order to access the cases, you will be asked to provide a username and password.


If you believe you have an ACP account but forget your username or password, you can simply reset your account. If you have never done online business with ACP and need to create a complimentary account, simply complete the free registration. In recognition of the importance of diagnostic accuracy to the safe practice of medicine, American College of Physicians in collaboration with the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine , produced this set of cases to challenge practicing clinicians in understanding the diagnostic process and the concepts of diagnostic error.